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and picked his teeth.He tho●ught of Mountolive and sighed.‘I

re’s a ▓ball at the Randidis’.You’d enjoy it as a ●change.’ Narouz as always wore a hang-dog ●expression when anyone sugges●ted an excursion into the city.‘I shal●l come at Carnival’ he said slowly, looking● at the ground, and his brother laughed and touc●hed his arm.‘I knew you’d say t

d’ he said sharply, ‘for much ▓depends on your understandin

hat▓! Always, once a year at Carnival.I wonder▓ why!’ But he knew; Narouz’ mortal shyness a▓bout his hare-lip had driven him● into a seclusion almost as unbroken as t▓hat of his mother.Only the black domino▓ of the carnival balls permitte●d him to disguise the face he had come t▓o loathe so

se voice.Nessim at● once felt ashamed of himself and took his

much that he could no longer bear to● see it even in a shaving-mir▓ror.At the carnival ball he felt free.And y●et there was another and indeed unexpected reaso▓n — a passion for Clea which had ●lasted for years now; for a Clea to whom he ha▓d never spoken, and indeed only twice ●seen when she

ng f▓or the French in Syria.On his return▓, the Egyptians kn

came down with Nessim to ride on ▓the estate.This was a secret whi●ch could not have been dragged ou●t of him under torture, but to ever●y carnival dance he came and drifted ab▓out in the crowd hoping vaguely that he migh●t by accident meet this young woman whos●e name he had never uttered alou

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